It’s been a while!

It’s been a while!

We are back in full force after having gone into hibernation for the month of July. Bloemfontein is renowned for its bitterly cold winters. However, not even the cold could dissuade residents and outsiders from attending the annual Free State Arts Festival.

The festival took place from the 18th of July to the 22nd of July this year and was divided into three categories: Vrystaat Arts Festival, Literature Festival and Vrynge. What was great about Vrynge was that this category featured up and coming artists in the emerging arts. Events took place right across the city, with the University of the Free State being the hub of it all.

My mother and I walked through the stalls and galleries on campus one afternoon, where we bought a packet of cinnamon coated nuts, vanilla flavoured cappuccinos, a vintage cupboard and red leather shoes. I then proceeded to the Corona Bar for a cocktail and good company, followed by a hop on over to the Lime Bar. Finally, the evening was brought to a close with the all important task of retrieving my friends and taking them home. No regrets, right?

Wrong. My biggest regret, and I am a repeat offender of this, is that I walked through all the stalls and galleries but failed to attend a single concert/play/poetry slam/show. I’ve vowed to get a hold of the program in time next year and to put money aside for at least 5 events. And I urge you to do the same! The Free State Arts Festival is so much more than the stalls on campus and I’ve had to realise that the hard way: filled with regret.

Overall, the festival showcased an array of quality food, drink, art and entertainment. I enjoyed the needed dose of artistic atmosphere! The festival was well organised, family friendly and slightly more inclusive than in previous years (but it remained predominantly Afrikaans). My wish for next year is that the festival will cater better for English speaking individuals by including (more) English plays, music concerts and talks.

Perhaps I’ll see you at the festival next year. For now, happy Women’s Month! Here’s what’s happening this month:

Women’s Month Special:
• 9th August / Sherry Shuffle in PIJAMAS and TEKKIES / Caramelos Preller square / 6-9PM
• 9th August / Test drive a Mini Cooper with Shaxe Khumalo / at Sovereign Motors (by bookings only, so make sure to contact the OFM DJ) / 10AM
• 9th August / The classics department’s lecture series / Stef Coetzee Building UFS / 12PM
• 9th August / Towers of Hope Community Concert / Twee Toring Kerk – Henry street 37, 9301 Bloemfontein / 1-2PM
• 9th August /Arno Carstens /Aasvoël club / 8-9.30PM

For the Love of Wine:
• 10th August / Food& Wine with Perdeberg Winery / @Tredenham Boutique Hotel / 6.30PM
• 10th August / Arcangeli wine Tasting / @Warm Karoo & The Kitchen / 6.30PM

Soul and Beauty:
• 12th August MUD Make- up & Hair Workshop / Salon Elite Reflection / 12.30PM
• 12 August / The Archives Poetry and Live Literature Foundation Open Mic Show / Pitseng African Restaurant / 4-8PM
• 18th August / The Nutcracker / Wynand Mouton Theatre / 6.30PM
• 18th August /Victor Geduldt Solo exhibition / Gallery on Leviseur / 6.30PM
Do not miss out on the grand opening of a new night club in Bloem
• 26th August / The Other Venue / Paul Makuta / +27 (51) 430 2542
• 30th August / Startup Grind Bloemfontein powered by Google / Gallery on Leviseur / 6-9PM


Dear Women
If you’re still shying away from the cold and not up for something out on the town, why not stay at home and watch a movie?
Regardless of your age, race or background, this Women’s Month I’d like to recommend that you watch “Chocolat”. When Veda mentioned that she bought red leather shoes at the Vryfees, I immediately thought of this all time favourite film of mine. Despite the strict social standards of how to dress and act, created by the town folk, the main character is unafraid of being unorthodox and wears her red shoes with pride, all while being a single mother and entrepreneur. The message of the movie is one of empowerment and goes to say: Ladies, wear the red shoes, be different and just BE… Oh and just a heads up: you’re going to crave your favourite chocolate whilst watching the film, so have some chocolate at hand for when you do!

Let us women empower one another, with less talk and more action! Happy Women’s Month.

All my love,



Traveller’s friend

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