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Greetings 😉

Looking out of my office window I am amazed that winter has still not arrived, I remember back to a time when I was in Europe busy hiking around the continent during the winter season. Oh boy did I feel the cold! The days were grey and the wind blew right through you and sleeping in some dodgy places made you yearn for the blue sunny skies of South Africa. We tend to complain about the cold weather BUT we don’t really have a winter!

This is one of the reasons why we should be counting our blessings and appreciate the good things we have. I recently hosted some American ladies here in Bloemfontein and they could not believe that this was the cold season, I did mention that we do get cold days every now and then and we even get snow on the Maloti’s, but they just laughed and said that I must stay over in Chicago during their winter, I don’t see that happening!  Personally my only gripe during this time is that the days are shorter and by 18h00 it’s dark already. When I am on tour I always make sure that I arrive at the destination before the sun sets and so with less daylight I feel a bit rushed.   

On that note please see my mid-week winter tours on the attachment, the destinations I have chosen offers a variety of attractions and are really on our doorstep. I can take a maximum of seven people so you will be guaranteed personal attention and service. I also believe that the accommodation I have sourced is good value for money and are delightful places to stay.  I can arrange the tours to a date suitable for you and as the breaks are mid-week you will be away from any crowds or busy roads. I also offer day trips which are most enjoyable and are an ideal breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. So if you are looking at doing something different then please give me a call.

My appeal for the SPCA still continues, please guys let us all help these precious animals during the winter months. ANY old blankets, sheets, pillow cases or pillows will suffice; if you don’t have old linen then perhaps a couple of cans of dog food will be good. I will collect from you and I promise that all donations will be delivered to our local branch. I thank you in advance.

Yours in Guiding

Tony Horn  

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