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Greetings All

It’s impossible to believe that in four months’ time we will be celebrating Christmas and then starting another new year, where is the time going too? It seemed like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of 2018 and wondering what this year would bring. Is it because as one gets older that the time seems to go by so quickly??

Talking of time, I have been going through a wonderful pictorial publication written by the late Karel Schoeman called “Bloemfontein in Beeld or Portrait of Bloemfontein 1860-1910”. This is an absolute gem of a book and I would recommend it to anyone, especially for us living here. It shows some wonderful old black and white photos of people and places of days gone by. I found it amazing to see how this city has developed from a small, dusty development to what it has become to today. As I reside at the base of Naval Hill it was fascinating to see photos of when there were no roads and buildings around it and that there were bushes and trees instead. How I wish I could be transported back to those days and to get a better understanding of how our city originated. I am certain it would have been a lot cleaner back then!

Oliewenhuis – Classical Cape Dutch Architecture

As you are well aware, I do offer city tours and attempt to give the client a good understanding of our past, as it is through our history that has made this place as it is today. It is a shame that many of our old buildings are neglected or vandalised, but we must not only blame the present administration. Beautiful old buildings were demolished in the 70’s and 80’s to make way for parking lots and shopping malls. Thankfully though we still have some architectural gems scattered throughout the city namely Oliewenhuis, Freshford House and Thomas Maphikela house to name but a few. 

Still on the historical note, for those who are interested in old Anglo Boer War photos, please visit the War museum as there is a fascinating display of old time photos which have been digitally coloured. They are amazing to see and show so much detail which you would not notice if they were monochrome. The “artists” who done these photos spent many hours bringing these photos to life and now I get a far better understanding of those photos. I hope that more photos will eventually be “coloured” and perhaps a book published to show their amazing works.

Please contact me if you are in need of any brochures or tourism related issues.

Thank you

Yours in guiding

Tony Horn

Email: tony@bushjunkies.co.za


The week ahead

It’s July… I repeat… It’s JULY!

Feel the chill in the air yet? Are your kids pretending to be dragons in the mornings when they see the smoke come out their noses and mouthes when they breathe? (It’s okay if you do it too, we won’t tell a soul)

Stay warm ladies and gentlemen, we’re in the middle of winter and it’s no longer going to be just cold, it’s going to be C-O-L-D. So it’s time to start taking out the extra blankets and getting your heaters out the garage. Also don’t forget to stock up on some nice hot chocolate and marshmallows 😉 We might be sharing some amazing hot chocolate recipes too later this month! But for now, have a look at the events up ahead for the week.

Vryfees – 01 July – 07 July | University of the Free State

It’s that time of the year again. A week filled with good food, productions and good music such as Spoegwolf and the Parlotones. The production portion of the festival begins today. The productions are spread all around campus with food being around the main building area.

Remember to dress warmly and be prepared to walk as the festival gets packed! Also remember to take cash as a lot of the vendors don’t have card machines.

Have a look at the program at


Shotgun Pub and Grill Grand Opening – 6 July | @ 14:00

Need a change of scenery after spending the week at Vryfees? 😉 Then head over to the Grand Opening of the Shotgun Pub and Grill! Tons of tasty food and cool vibes!

I’d highly recommend spending some time at Vryfees, you never know.. you might even find some gifts for Christmas there 😉

Weekend wrap up

Startup Grind Bloemfontein Fireside Chat

Startup Grind Bloemfontein held their monthly fireside chat @59 Plenty. Vicki Fourie, former Miss Deaf SA, was the speaker for the month. This was a great platform for people to be inspired and educated on motivational speaking as those in the audience had a keen interest in finding out how Vicki became a motivational speaker and how she manages.

Attendees, as always, had the opportunity to connect with other individuals from various industries and expand their networks. Startup Grind is truly encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in Bloemfontein. For more information, follow their social media pages. 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/startupgrindbfn/

Instagram: startupgrindbloemfontein

Also follow Vicki Fourie on her social media pages

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/fourievicki/?__nodl&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Ffbrdr%2F274%2F111336096193657%2F%3Fref%3Dexternal%253Awww.google.co.za&ref=external%3Awww.google.co.za&_rdr

June has been such an eventful month, filled with both entertainment and education. Bloemfontein may not be classified as a busy city but we sure have a lot going on. Be on the lookout for next month’s events and save the dates.

The week ahead

It’s the last week of June.. can you believe it? 6 months of 2019 gone just like that.

Sometimes we feel like there isn’t enough hours in a day to complete everything that needs to be done. Heck, sometimes one just wishes they can take a breather. to avoid being overwhelmed.

Good thing this week is jam-packed with events where you can take the breaks you need to avoid your stress levels going through the roof.

The Big Fat Normal Quiz – 25 June, 19:30PM | The Staffy

Put on your Smarty Pants, or underpants, whichever tickles your fancy 😉 and join in at the all popular quiz night at The Staffy! Entrance is R20 and there is a cool prize to be won should you emerge victorious!

The Island – Directed by Jerry Mofokeng- 27, 28 June @ 19:30PM | UFS Scaena Theatre

How about going to watch a play put on by the drama department at the University of the Free State?

“A celebration of Language and Unity, dialogue in Sesotho, English and Afrikaans as poetic as they can be.
A celebration of Identity, South Africans to the core and children of the blanket under the skin.
A celebration of professional relationship, UFS Drama Department, Free State Arts Festival, and Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha working as one team.
A celebration of Mangaung, Unity in Diversity.”

Be Human Family Market – 29 June @ 09:00 | Middelwater Farm

The Be Human Family Market takes place every Saturday. It’s a little ways out of Bloem but rumour on the grapevine is that it’s a nice activity to do with the family. There’s great food and even a morning run for those with an extra hop in their steps. Just remember to take some cash with, as there is an entrance fee of R10 and the food stalls there only accept cash.

P.S There’s even craft beer, gin on tap or your preferred local brew 😉

Mommy and Me Cupcake Decor Workshop – 29 June @ 11:00 | Koekela Cafe

PSA to all moms!

Now this is the first I’ve seen in Bloem. What a cool activity for the weekend

Come join in for a morning of special memories, fun, creativity and more!

The morning is a time for you and your daughter/son to learn together, laugh together and take home your beautiful creations

They’re going to show you how to work and decorate cupcakes with fondant, and everything you need will be supplied, so bring along your apron and smile and come enjoy this fun event.

For more information contact us at info@koekela.co.za

Think we missed a super cool event? Let us know 😉

Ciao for now xxx

Weekend wrap up

Tuesday – June 18th

GigCulture Unmanagement Workshop

The GigCulture UnManagement Workshop took place this week. Industry practitioners were invited to share and engagewith those present the issues at hand. For the next 6 weeks the aim is to dissect the industry and some of the issues practitioners/enthusiasts struggle with. The evening was concluded with some light humour, courtesy of the The Ivy Lounge Comedy Club.
Save your Tuesdays for the next 5 weeks to come. The entertainment industry is changing. Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting period. Join the workshops.


Thursday  June 20th

Poetic Thursdays

This great event filled with talent and beautiful rhymes took place at The Thoughts. For those who love poetry and enjoy live entertainment, this was definitely the place to be. Bloemfontein is bursting with the art spirit. It is evident in all our stages.

The week ahead

Feeling well rested from the long weekend? We sure are 🙂

Just a couple more days until you can dive back into bed and binge watch that series you started watching last weekend but never got to finish. Weekends should be longer don’t you think?

Anyway, what better to start your ‘fake monday’ other than planning your calendar for the week?

GigCulture UnMangement Workshop – 18 June @ 16:00 | Ivy Lounge

The UnManagement Workhop hosted by GigCulture invites industry practitioners to share and engage. The workshops happen every Tuesday for 6 weeks so don’t stress if you miss one or two workshops.

After the workshop the evenings end off with some light humour courtesy of The Iy Lounge Comedy Club.

Tuesdays will never be the same again…

Song Writers Evening – 22 June @ 18:00 |Gallery House

An intimate evening of original music with various new /experienced musicians/songwriters. Tickers are R80pp, and pre bookings are required. Bring some snacks and drinks should you feel a big peckish whilst unleashing the inner songbird in you ;). Do bring a jacket should you get cold, though there will be a fire going for you at the event.

Georgetown LIVE – 18 June @ 20:00 | Chicago Lounge and Bar

Enjoy live music with Chicago Lounge & Bar and Georgetown. Georgetown is a multi-instrumental Bluebilly Folk Pop band from Pretoria. A captivating hybrid of the classics and unique local influences. Tickets are R20 at the door and the show starts at 20:00. Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible musical experience.

Saturday Wrap Up

Missed this weeks events? No fear, we’re here to wrap up what you missed this week 😉

Tuesday – June 12th

She Means Business

This event was part of the She Means Business Series which is a platform for female entrepreneurs to support, celebrate and encourage one another. It stems from the belief that stories are powerful and as a result they have the potential to inspire, bring laughter, provoke thought and connect people. The event hosted 4 entrepreneurs who were that morning’s storytellers. They included; Jacylyn – Ivy Engelbrecht (Beauty Specialist), Dikonelo Mile (Financial Services Rep.), Leah Molatseli (Lawyer) and Sunell Wiehman (Counselling Psychologist). Those who attended benefited greatly from the vast wisdom that was shared. 

Saturday – June 15th

Be Human Family Market

The Be Human Family Market takes place every Saturday on Middelwater Farm. There is a wide variety of scrumptious food in their food court. There are many options to choose from for you and your family such as gourmet waffles, Wagyu burgers, liver kebabs, chicken wings etc. It takes place from 9am – 4pm. So if you missed it today you can catch it next week. Same place. Same time.

Sunday – June 16th

Festival Carnival

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed. It would have taken place tomorrow at Ramblers Club. We will keep you posted on the new event details. Keep your eyes open.

Ciao for now 😉

Greetings from Bush Junkies Safaris

Greetings 😉

Looking out of my office window I am amazed that winter has still not arrived, I remember back to a time when I was in Europe busy hiking around the continent during the winter season. Oh boy did I feel the cold! The days were grey and the wind blew right through you and sleeping in some dodgy places made you yearn for the blue sunny skies of South Africa. We tend to complain about the cold weather BUT we don’t really have a winter!

This is one of the reasons why we should be counting our blessings and appreciate the good things we have. I recently hosted some American ladies here in Bloemfontein and they could not believe that this was the cold season, I did mention that we do get cold days every now and then and we even get snow on the Maloti’s, but they just laughed and said that I must stay over in Chicago during their winter, I don’t see that happening!  Personally my only gripe during this time is that the days are shorter and by 18h00 it’s dark already. When I am on tour I always make sure that I arrive at the destination before the sun sets and so with less daylight I feel a bit rushed.   

On that note please see my mid-week winter tours on the attachment, the destinations I have chosen offers a variety of attractions and are really on our doorstep. I can take a maximum of seven people so you will be guaranteed personal attention and service. I also believe that the accommodation I have sourced is good value for money and are delightful places to stay.  I can arrange the tours to a date suitable for you and as the breaks are mid-week you will be away from any crowds or busy roads. I also offer day trips which are most enjoyable and are an ideal breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. So if you are looking at doing something different then please give me a call.

My appeal for the SPCA still continues, please guys let us all help these precious animals during the winter months. ANY old blankets, sheets, pillow cases or pillows will suffice; if you don’t have old linen then perhaps a couple of cans of dog food will be good. I will collect from you and I promise that all donations will be delivered to our local branch. I thank you in advance.

Yours in Guiding

Tony Horn  

The week ahead

Hello everyone!

Got a bit of the Monday blues? You know, one of the ways to combat that is to just relaaaaaaaaaax. Play a good tune. I’d recommend Old Town Road. There’s just something about the tune of that particular song that just lifts my spirits. Or maybe its the soothing twang of country singers.

Though, should you need a little break from the office we have some events down below that might interest you! This week isn’t as busy as last week was but there’s a rather interesting event that would definitely appeal to the ladies.

She Means Business  – Wednesday, 12 June, @ 8AM

Stories are powerful. They have the potential to inspire us, make us laugh, make us thoughtful and also allow us to connect with someone.

The She Means Business Series is a platform for female entrepreneurs to support, celebrate and encourage one another. Join our storytellers as they share their #MyStartUP stories on their entrepreneurial journey.

* Are you looking for purposeful conversation among like-minded women?
* Do you believe in the power of collaboration?
* Are you looking to build meaningful connections?
* Would you like to gain insight from our storytellers and guest speaker?
* Are you passionate about your growth and empowerment?
* Are you looking for invaluable support, advice and inspiration?

Definitely check out their Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/events/290564535220296/

Be Human Family Market | Saturday, 15 June @ 9AM

The Be Human Family Market takes place every Saturday on Middelwater Farm.

The market opens from 09h00 until 16h00 and they have a wide variety of food stalls in their food court, dishing up anything from gourmet waffles, Wagyu burgers, liver kebabs to traditional sosaties, chicken wings and meatball and halloumi skewers. Their bar area serves craft beer, gin on tap or your preferred local brew.

From loads of kiddies activities and game drives to the farm deli, the Be Human Family Market caterers for everyone and there is so much to do for a great Saturday out.

For a detailed look at all of their activities go visit

https://www.be-human.co.za/activities/ or to read up on the farm deli, go to https://www.be-human.co.za/be-human-family-market-farm-deli/

Sidenote: The food stalls don’t have card facilities available, and they don’t have an ATM on site either. So don’t forget to pack some cash money if you want to buy some food to snack on 😉

So those are the events that caught our eye for this week, one is a business seminar, and the other is a fun activity you can do with family and friends.

That’s all for now

Ciao xx 😉

Saturday wrap up


Joseph Clarke sings Queen

Joseph Clark’s Queen Show took place at Innie Skuur! It was well attended with sold out tickets. He was joined by his lead guitarist, Axe Lourens.The duo created a memorable evening of pure rock. His pure talent left many mesmorised as always and chanting “We Will Rock You”. It was a fun way to rock it out during the week for those needing to let their hair down.


Leadership Summit 2019 (Thursday and Friday)

This Leadership Summit 2019 was new to Bloemfontein. The summit was created by top leaders and coaches from central South Africa for leaders, decision-makers and change-makers. This 2-day summit consisted of 6 workshops that were facilitated by industry professionals, a networking function and a 2020 forward-focus session. Various topics were tackled focusing mainly on key topics such as; teamwork, finances and leadership.

First Thursdays @TOV

What a great experience of good art and music. Artists in Bloemfontein really know how to collaborate and put on a good show. Attendees had a fantastic night where they could appreciating art and live music all at once.

SATURDAY – 8thJune 2019

Property Investment seminar

This seminar aims to teach people how to become financially free by investing in property.Prosperity Enterprises will be at Anta Boga Boutique Hotel in Bloemfontein this morning from 8am. Those who attend can expect to be taught a tried and tested model when investing in property through the intensive course on how to create your own property portfolio.The 5 hour seminar will equip people to create wealth through property.

De Oude Kraal Wildskosfees

This year De Oude Kraal is celebrating their 20th De Oude Kraal Wildskosfees.
Wine stalls and different venison stalls can be expected. In addition, they have brought in some additional stalls such as a fish stall, Greek stall as well as a lamb stall.Head there to be a part of the celebration. There is still time!

FSSO Symphony Concert

There’s an FSSO Symphony Concert taking place today at the Odeion theatre on the UFS campus. The concert will be taking place in the evening and is proudly brought to you by #MEDICS4MUSIC. Classical music lovers make your way.

Married but not to each other

The incredibly funny husband and wife, Ndumiso Lindi & Tumi Morake will be in town and they are bringing their hilarious “Married…But Not to Each Other” stand-up comedy show. The show is about life, love, relationships and their ups and downs. Married or single you are bound to howl with laugher. 

SUNDAY – 9thJune 2019

Ivy Live Sundays

There is something for everyone in Bloemfontein. For travelers looking for a soulful Sunday experience, Ivy Live Sundays provides just that. Head there to experience a combination of art and entertainment from the city’s “must hear” musicians.